Thursday, September 29, 2016

READ THIS if you want to be in "The Music Man"

Click on this link to read the note that is available for pick up in the office:

Barbershop Quartet Audition

Audition Date: Oct. 10 --sign up outside of Mrs. Crane's room!
The singers in the barbershop quartet have to been 100% confident holding their note perfectly while 3 other singers harmonize with them. They have to have excellent pitch, and tons of personality! They are humorous, and TALENTED.

For this audition, select ONE line/part of music to have memorized:
Jacey is the high tenor, Ewart is the lead/tenor, Oliver is the baritone, Olin is the low bass. Select the part that you feel best matches  your vocal abilities. Practice and memorize your line so that you can confidently sing it! Then at the audition, you will sing with 2-3 other voices to demonstrate your ability to harmonize.

Click on this link to see the music!

Audition for Harold Hill

Audition Date: Oct 10th--sign up outside Mrs. Crane's room!
Harold Hill is THE STAR of "The Music Man." This is a major, demanding role. If you are cast as Harold, this has to be your top priority until April 1, the night our show closes. You have to be committed to study and be completely memorized by January 1. You have to take care of your health and not do anything to jeopardize this production. You will be a leader and will be expected to have the best behavior and highest moral standards so others can look to you. This is a BIG DEAL! Are you ready for the challenge? Yes? Then read on: Harold's audition has 3 parts: 1. Ya Got Trouble and 2. Seventy-Six trombones, plus 3. a reading with Marian. Study all 3 parts. Be memorized before you come in! Be prepared and have a great attitude. Sign up for a time slot outside of Mrs. Crane's room. We will have a young lady present to read for Marian.
Listen to the songs on youtube to practice with a professional!
 Click on this link to see/print Harold's audition:

Friday, June 3, 2016

WATCH your SHOW!!!

Purple Cast White Cast Enjoy! These are private, unsearchable links and are only posted here for your convenience. If you see my Aunt Shirlene, tell her THANK YOU for posting these videos!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dress Rehearsals

All remaining rehearsals are DRESS. You may drop your costumes off in Mrs Crane's room before school--in a laundry basket or box or bag.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Saturday 12th Rehearsal and CAST PICS

Hi! "High School Musical" cast! We had a rough run yesterday, but today was much better. I can't wait to see everyone on Saturday for full dress rehearsal and put it all together!! It's coming!
Stay healthy! Drink water! Keep a positive attitude! You've almost done it!!!

Important Notes:
Saturday 12th:
Purple Cast leads arrive by 8:15 to warm up and get mics. 9:00 am everyone arrive, warm up, 9:30, run the show. Cast Pictures at NOON!! Then you'll be excused. Come with all costumes and nice hair (out of face) and makeup on girls.
White Cast all arrive by Noon cast pictures at noon. Leads get mics, warm up, start run at 1 pm. ***we will probably not be done until 4 pm. That is one hour later than I originally thought. 

Tickets: There are about 50-60 tickets
 left for each night except Friday March 18th, which is sold out. Don't wait to buy at the door!

Monday March 14th
This will be a long long day! But some wonderful parents have a lovely meal planned. Purple cast--you need to stay and support/watch/learn from the white cast after you perform. Please don't leave early--that would be rude.

Extra performance!!!! Tuesday, March 22nd
We are performing for BEMS!! Please plan to arrive at school by 6:30 am! It will be double assembly schedule--purple will do first assembly, white will do second assembly. We will have to cut some scenes so watch for info. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Saturday the 12th

Reminder that Saturday is our first dress rehearsal AND we're taking cast photos. Bring all of your costume pieces.