Friday, November 9, 2018

BEMS "State Fair" Cast List

Click the link below to see the cast list. If you tried out, have no F's, you should see your name. If you don't, please email Mrs. Crane and she'll look into it. If  you DO have any F's or U's on your 1st trimester final report card, you will be cut. Education first!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! There is a CRAZY, unbelievable amount of talent at BEMS. I'm not kidding. This is such a difficult process to figure out the best way to cast this show. Please be cheerful and happy for those who have been chosen as leads. If you know you cannot be happy with the role you have been given, please shoot Mrs. Crane a little email so she can remove you from the cast list.

Get excited. It's going to be amazing!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Callbacks are TOMORROW, November 7, 2018

Click on the link below. Read the list thoroughly to see if you are needed tomorrow. Please remember this is NOT the cast list. These are simply the people we need to see one more time before casting.

Go to Bed. Check the callback list in the morning!

Due to the high number of TALENTED young people interested in State Fair, it is taking a while to put together the call back list. Please go night-night and check it in the morning!!

YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!!!!!! No joke. I was tearing up at how many awesome kids came to tryout. You guys rock.