Wednesday, November 1, 2017

BUZZ Clinics and Auditions

We are offering 4 BUZZ time audition clinics to help you get ready for trying out, and to find out more information about the show: Monday Nov 6, Tues. Nov 7, Tues Nov 14, and Mon Nov 20.

The rehearsal calendar is already posted--click on the link above to see what kind of time commitment is involved with being in "Mulan."

You can SIGN UP for an audition starting Monday November 14 outside the choir room at BEMS.
Auditions will be after school on Monday Nov. 27 and Tuesday Nov 28. Callbacks will be the following dates as needed.

Any student who auditions WILL be cast, unless they have F's or U's. We need you and hope you'll come join us!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Mrs. Asay's funeral

As you all know, an audience member passed away last Saturday night. Her name is Anna Marie Asay and her family believes she is happy and reuniting with her husband that passed 6 years ago. We would like to pay our respects by sending over a giant signed card --so please stop by Mrs. Crane's room TUESDAY to get it signed.  We are also sending a bouquet of flowers and you are invited to contribute a dollar or 2 to that if you'd like.

She enjoyed the first act of our show so much, and all involved are peaceful that she died happy.  Please don't spread rumors or drama. My little brother was the doctor that performed CPR. She was in good hands from the moment she collapsed, and even though it was a difficult night for us all, you handled it beautifully and I'm proud of you!!

Friday, March 24, 2017

BEMS email system DOWN

If you need to contact me, please call our office and leave a message. I'll return your call as soon as possible.
Or send word with your student.
It's actually been down for several weeks, so I hope none of you think I'm ignoring your messages...

The show was WONDERFUL last night. My buttons are bursting with awe at my amazing students!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What Time to ARRIVE for the shows:

4:00 pm        Marian, Eulalie, Mrs. Paroo, Zaneeta
--We have hairstylists coming to do your hair. Please have it washed and clean, ready to be styled.
4:30 pm        Anyone else with a mic except Winthrop and Amaryllis
5:00 pm        All other cast members except children
5:30 pm        Children arrive
6:00 pm        Mic check and cast call in the auditorium.
6:30 pm        Doors open
7:00 pm        SHOW BEGINS!

***Girls need mascara, blush and a red or pink (not hot pink) lip. I have some lipstick you can apply with a qtip if you don’t have any. If you struggle with hair, we have hair stylists coming to assist. PLEASE stop styling your hair in modern styles with a French braid going down the side. We are in 1912, ladies!

***Boys need hair slicked down and sprayed so it stays. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dress Rehearsal Ending Times

Because it takes an hour to get 150 kids in costume, we will not be done with dress rehearsals until 7:00 pm. We're ALMOST THERE!! Stay happy, healthy and focused.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dinner Sign Ups for March 21st

Please click on this link and sign up to help with our big cast dinner on March 21st. Thank you!

Your help is greatly appreciated by your hardworking, hungry children!