Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bring this form to the audition!

BEMS Musical Audition/Contract Form
Please bring this page, completed and signed to hand in at audition.
Name: PRINT______________________________              Grade   ________
                             (first)                               (last)                                                              (8,9)
Address: ____________________________                                                 
City_________ State_______Zip______                                             Age:_____Gender:  M  F    Height:____Hair:____

Your Home Phone#________Your Cell#___________                                      Parent Name_________________ Cell:_____________
Parent Name_________________Cell:_____________
 Previous Acting/ Dancing/Singing/Athletic Experience or Formal Training. List all that apply. Feel free to use the back of the form if you need more space.

Theatre Experience  Please complete with most recent work first:

Date/ Year

Play/Show Name

Organization/ School



Role(s) I am auditioning for:_________________________________________________________
Would you be willing to accept other roles?  Yes   No 
Are there any roles you would NOT like to be considered for?________________________________
Are you willing to be a member of the chorus/ensemble?___________________________________
Prior Commitments:  Check your calendar carefully for the months of Jan., Feb., and Mar., 2014.  List any scheduled conflicts you will have during those months, particularly March!
Tip: Students, use the checklist below to assist you when considering conflicts and activities that need to be listed J
Church Activities/Programs/Sports                  Drivers Ed                     Sports/Lessons/Training        Difficult classes                         Academic Clubs Babysitting     Field trips          Teams         Weddings/Family Events Conferences           Family Trips/Weekend Plans
Dr./ Dentist Appts.                    Work        Tryouts: club, cheer, dance, sports
The Contract        We understand the rehearsal commitment for South Pacific and will do our best to attend all scheduled rehearsals. We understand that students will be dismissed from the cast and replaced after 3 unexcused absences. We appreciate the opportunity for students to perform in a school production and will give our best effort.

________________Parent Signature _______________Student Signature

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