Friday, November 22, 2013

South Pacific Set Under Construction Already!!
Dr. LaMar Johnson, a talented Brigham City veterinarian, has been working hard designing and building a beautiful set for OUR show!  He is volunteering his time and talents to help BEMS have an amazing set. We are so lucky to have him. If you see Dr. Johnson, tell him THANK YOU.  None of the pieces are completely finished yet, but check out what he's built so far!

The top photo is Emile De Becque's Plantation home. It will sit on Stage left. The next photo is another view of Emile's home. Check out the marble columns, beautiful wood beams and awesome floor!  The third photo shows Dr. Johnson working on Luther Billis' laundry machine. He got an ACTUAL airplane propeller that will spin when the laundry is running! The washing machine isn't built yet, but I can't wait to see the finished product. The bottom photo shows some actual ammo boxes that Dr. Johnson found online and purchased for us. He stacked them together and put them on a black base that rolls so we can move them around the stage.  He's genius!  Stay tuned to see pictures of Bloody Mary's hut, palm trees and much more. Tambi Tueller is painting our backdrop and it's going to be beautiful too.

Spread the word...SOUTH PACIFIC is going to be so darn awesome!

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