Thursday, January 30, 2014

Online Copy of Director's Note for your Perusal!

South Pacific Cast Note--January 30, 2014
Thank you everyone for your attendance at rehearsals and your dedication. Things are coming along nicely! Please remember you will be dropped if you have 3 unexcused absences. I have post-it notes on my desk. Leave me a note if you know you're going to miss a rehearsal, or email me at You are awesome, and so is this show! Leads, don't miss.
1.  CAST T-shirts:  We want every member of this cast to have a T-shirt. YOU are our best           advertisement, and plus, it lets everyone know you are part of something special.  If your parents want a shirt to support you, they are welcome to order one as well. Use the order form at the bottom and turn your money and order in to RHONDA in the office no later than Feb.7, 2014. I will be placing the order that day. Don't miss your chance!
                        You provide black socks,black dress shoes, and a pair of khaki pants. Flat front                            pants are preferred, and are more flattering. We will provide khaki shirts, ties                            and hats. By the first dress rehearsal, you have to have a "military issue" haircut                              as well. Nobody has shaggy hair in the military. (You can keep it longer up top,                             but it has to be short in back and around your ears.)
                        You provide khaki shorts (we want them all to be the same "military issue" so                          you need to order your shorts from, item #1303X in khaki.                          Don't wait until last minute to order them. You want them here in plenty of                           time.) You also provide a solid color button down the front shirt that can be tied                             at the waist(short sleeve or sleeveless). You proved flat, white canvas shoes and                         white ankle socks, black flat shoes and black tights. We provide the blue Nurse's                                uniform. Cute head-neckerchiefs (think 1940's) that match shirts would be fun--                          not necessary.
            ISLAND PEOPLE:
                        Need to have dark brown or black hair (or a believable wig). Girls need to provide                               a black, capped-sleeve undershirt (Downeast Outfitter has some), and black                         spandex-type undershorts. Boys need black shorts too, but they don't have to be                         tight! We will provide the island tops, skirts, accessories, etc. Boys can be                             shirtless or need to be in a plain black t-shirt. 
                        You have a personal note coming your way next week!

            South Pacific is a very patriotic show and comes from a very patriotic time in our nation's history. Each one of us is connected to someone that served in World War II, and these men and women deserved to be honored. Please ask your family and friends                 for names of individuals that served in World War II and submit them to Mrs. Crane.             We will be making a special "Tribute Wall" to display at our show.  The display will have   the veteran's name you submitted and your connection to them as well. Ask around. Everyone has a family member or friend's family member that served!
Cut on line

South Pacific Cast and Family Tshirt Order Form:
Cast Member Name: ________________________________________________________
Sizes available:
 Youth Sizes: XS(2-4), S(6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16), XL(18-20), Adult Sizes:  S-4XL
I need (size and amount):  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Please submit $8.00 for each t-shirt ordered to Rhonda in the office no later Feb. 7, 2014. Order will be placed that day.

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