Friday, March 7, 2014

Parent's Patience

Just want to thank you for being patient, supportive parents.  Many students couldn't do South Pacific because they didn't have a ride or parents wouldn't allow them. I appreciate you providing a way for your child to be involved.  Many of you volunteered to help with snacks, and you will be getting called to assist this weekend. If you are interested in helping girls with hair or makeup, contact me via email (
Next week will be an intense week with long rehearsals, and the following week, we perform!  PLEASE, encourage your child to be attentive and respectful. We will get done much quicker if everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there. I will not keep students any longer than I feel is necessary.  Also, there is plenty of time for every cast member to get their homework done DURING rehearsal--with the exception of Nellie. There is lots of down time for most cast members.  I remind students of this, but if your child comes home and acts exhausted and then says, "I have a ton of homework..." ask them what they were doing during their down time! Get them to bed as early as you can, and eat healthy. 
We are almost done. Let's do our very best and finish strong.  Thanks again to the wonderful, supportive parents that allow this to happen.  You're the best!

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