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You guys are so amazing! I'm so proud of all of you. BEMS students are crazy-talented!! This is a truly difficult decision because there are multiple people who could be our lead roles and do them WELL. However, we've made a decision, and are so happy to announce the totally rad cast for "Bye Bye Birdie." It's going to be so so so good. (and fun. and good.)
*****Remember the PARENT'S MEETING on next Tuesday, Dec. 16 at 6:30 pm, BEMS auditorium*****(if you don't come, I'll assume you don't want to be in the show!)

Read the ENTIRE cast list. You might be listed for more than one part!! It is YOUR responsibility to know "who" you are. 

CAST (In  Order of Appearance):
Albert:       Collin Jensen
Rosie:        Alisa Smith
*Helen:        Emma Ashcroft
*Nancy:       Amelia Naumann
*Jenny:        Kallie Bair
*Betty:         Lexi Sutton
*Alice:         Savanna Crane
*Margie:      Morgan Taylor
*Susan:        Sarah Dinsdale
Freddie:     Trayson Wilson
Karl:           Colton Kraus
Mike:          Payton Smoot
Jim:             Cade Palmer
Harvey Johnson:  Ty Stacey
*Penelope Ann:      Alli Hollingsworth
*Suzie:         Savannah Taylor
*Deborah Sue:     Ally Braegger
*Ursula:        Abby Chase
Kim MacAfee:     Chersti Thompson
Mrs. MacAfee:     Anne Jetton (Jeys)
Mr. MacAfee:       Deren Bott
Mae Peterson:       Karlee Klitgaard
Conrad Birdie:      Kyle Shaw
Reporter 1:   Eric Anderson
Reporter 2:   Eric Hiatt
Hugo Peabody:    Riley Pugsley
The Mayor:    Tristin Reeder
Edna (Mayor's Wife):    Mandy Wilde
Mr. Johnson:     Justin Medsker
Mrs. Merkle:      Elizabeth Glenn
Gloria Rasputin:    Savannah Ewing
*Names with asterisk*If the scene says "Kim and Co.," this is referring to YOU.

Female Teenagers of Sweet Apple, Ohio
Caitlin Post, Tori Erickson, Kylie Daugherty, Hailee Jeppsen, Molly Baird, Brooke Weaver, Belle Womack, Emma Wright, Madison Merrill, Faith Gomez, Gracie Sorensen, Brooklyn Baton, Jaycee Checketts, Alexia Moore, Heather Nichols, Carley Julander, Chelsea Rose, Kambree Steed, Oakley Gunderson, Morgan Christensen, Laura Wood, Elisabeth Thompson, Kennedy Anstine, Brynn Meredith, Hallee Warr, Jane Olson, Kylie Edgington, Alisha Ipsen, Taylor Olsen, Carolyn Ferguson, Kylie Hart, Abby Wright, Caroline Packer, Sydney Peck, Ainsley Bryce, Danielle Sanders, Josalyn Robinette, Hannah Stott, Emma Moyle, Stephanie Rust, Elsie Gregory, Hannah Fife, Adrieanna Nielsen, AubriAnna Thompson, Makayla Nielson, Alyssa Morgan, Kayley Harris, Karen Ferry, Chelsey Holdaway, Kim and Co.

Male Teenagers of Sweet Apple, Ohio
Zack Hansen, Erik Johnson, Ben Lewis, Taelor Wright, Andrew Wood, Daniel McCullam, Dylan Johnson, Ryan Smith, Zach Hansen, Connor Gunderson, Kade Stiner, Caleb Mortensen, Julian Mitton, Terry Baton, Travis Law, Brycen Walker, Casey Jacobson, Neil Porter, Kyler Walker, Tate Braegger, Gage Miles, Kayson Norman, Ryan Sorensen, Brady Haviland, Matthew Harames, ALL BOYS LISTED ABOVE (that aren't playing adult roles)

The Sweet Apple, Ohio Community
ALL ADULTS LISTED ABOVE, Vanessa Nelson, Heather Bodily, Hailey Bodily, Carley Quick, Kiszi Johnson, Scott Ellis, Christian Rubio, Breanna Perry, Jenna Walker, Bryanne Nelson, Alexa Valberg, Jordan Jeppesen, Elizabeth Jex, Jayston Wolf, Ashton Bossa, Jennifer Baker, Brooke Gibson, Crystal Cruse, Nettie Schmidt, Zoee Brumbaugh, Will Anderson, Kim Peterson, Aubree Singleton, Liam Hoyle, Savanna Richardson, Grayson Crandall, Paige Petersen, Isabelle Carr, Caden Lemke, Skyler Santa Cruz, Mary Pfeiffer, Alison Reynolds, Natashia Gibby, Braelyn Martinez, Katie Webster, Ashley Lee, Cheyenne Spencer, Maezzi Mund, Shandin Miles, Amanda Burbank, Hannah Pedersen, Teagan Woolums, Yadhira Celis, Rebecca Sparks, Julia Lion, Talie Durbin, Elizabeth Cordova, Vanessa Vargas, Lindsay Ahstrom, Alex Young, Dylan Lentini, Jessica Duran, Oakley Hurd, Brandie Ball, Pnut Saxton, Stephanie Morley, Kyra Perkins, Taylor Shinney, Alex Cox, Abby Allen, Payton D.,

Penn Station Chorus
Brynn Meredith, Tori Erickson, Madison Merrill, Morgan Christensen, Kennedy Anstine, AubriAnna Thompson, Carolyn Ferguson, Abby Wright, Emma Wright, Jane Olson, Caitlin Post, Kylie Hart

Ed Sullivan Chorus/Teen Chorus
Zach Hansen, Tate Braegger, Tristin Reeder, Zack Hansen, Daniel McCullam, Colton Kraus, Payton Smoot
Lexi Sutton, Morgan Taylor, Emma Ashcroft, Sarah Dinsdale, Savanna Crane, Oakley Gunderson, Tori Erickson

Parents for "KIDS" 
Deren Bott, Anne Jetton, Tristin Reeder, Mandy Wilde, Elizabeth Glenn, Justin Medsker, Ashton Bossa, Caden Lemke, Eric Hiatt, Eric Anderson, Rebecca Sparks, Alexa Valberg, Nettie Schmidt, Julia Lion

Look here to find out which scenes you're in!
Opening Scene: Sweet Apple TEENAGERS
Scene 1:  Albert and Rose
Scene 2:  Sweet Apple TEENAGERS
Scene 3:  Ursula, Kim, The MacAfees
Scene 4:  ENSEMBLE (that means the whole, entire, gigantic cast. Whoa, Nelly!)
Scene 5:  Kim & Co., Albert, Rose, Hugo
Scene 6:  ENSEMBLE
**transition** Kim & Co.  (minus Kim because she'll be preparing for the next scene)
Scene 7:  Kim, The MacAfees, Mrs. Merkle, Conrad, Albert, Ed Sullivan Chorus
Scene 8:  Rose, Albert, Mae, Gloria, Hugo
Scene 9:  Conrad, Conrad's Band, Teen Chorus, Camera Man, Hugo, Albert, Rose, The MacAfees,                     extras (directors/TV people/producers)
Scene 10:  Rose and Kim
Scene 11:  Albert, Rose, Mae, Conrad, Sweet Apple TEENAGERS, Mayor's wife, Mr. Johnson, Mrs.                   Merkle, Hugo, the MacAfees, Parents for "KIDS"
Scene 12:  Hugo, Rose, Albert, Mae, Mr and Mrs MacAfee
Scene 13:  Kim, Conrad, Mr and Mrs MacAfee, Hugo, Rose, Albert, Mae
Scene 14:  ENSEMBLE

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