Friday, February 6, 2015

Updated Costume Note

**Special Note:  We have fabric purchased and are working on the TEEN skirts. If we need more sewers, we'll let you know.

“Bye Bye Birdie” Updated Costume List  (January 25, 2015)
All costumes due on MARCH 5th for COSTUME CHECK, but it’s a good idea to not wait until the last minute.
Conrad Birdie:  You need to get some tight fitting black jeans ASAP (our costume designer—aka                                    my MOM is coming on Feb. 2 to pick up the jeans to custom design them, so                                please have them by that date if at all possible!  Avoid “Low Rise” jeans! We                                want these to stay up on you while you’re dancing) We also need to know what                                 SIZE you fit in a suit jacket. She is sewing you one and needs the size.  She will                                  be taking your measurements on the 2nd for the jumpsuit as well, so please be                           there.  You also need a “muscle” shirt—plain white T. 
Penn Station Chorus:     I have the yellow cardigans. You need to come up with a cute 50's outfit to go underneath it.  Remember flat shoes go with capris, bobby socks and keds go with dresses/skirts.                                  

Kim and Co:  OK!  We have ordered a nice dress for each girl. Some of them have already arrived,                                     and some of them won't be here for several weeks yet.  They are $45-$60 dresses                                  that you get to keep!  You need to pay $25 to Mrs.Gunn in the office by Feb. 15                                     but you get to KEEP your dress.  The rest will come from our costume budget.  You                                 still need nude tights and pumps. YES, they can be strappy “show” shoes. The                                          color is really what matters to me, and I like the idea of having a                                                                  group of teens in pumps for variety—however, if you think wearing heels will kill                                    you, just get nude flats. You also need a slip. A “petticoat” style slip would make                                  your dress have that 50’s “poof” but you can wear any slip you have.  If you want                                   to throw a cardigan over your dress for some of the scenes, go right ahead. Alli                                  Hollingsworth: for telephone hour, let’s have you in a cardigan and capris so                                doing the splits is a little easier!

ALL OTHER GIRL TEENS:  I will be taking your waist measurements and waist-knee                                               measurements and then you’ll be given fabric and elastic and need a                                                       simple skirt made from it. (**SEE NOTE ABOVE)You get to keep the skirt.                                                  THEN, find yourself a  simple blouse that would go with your skirt, button                                               down the front or something that matches “50’s” style when you look at                                                   pictures online.  We decided to not go with white  shirts if possible, but if                                                   you already got one, that’s fine. Wear white. We just don’t want a “sea of                                               white” on stage.  So your costume will be:  Skirt, top, white                                  ankle socks, white keds or other flat shoe. You will have enough fabric that you                                   can use the leftovers for a neck scarf or hair tie. Fabric will be out to you by Feb.                              6, and your skirt needs to be ready for costume check on March 5th. Please wear                         a slip under your skirt. Any slip is fine, but a petticoat-style slip will make your                              skirt “poofy.”

Sweet Apple WOMEN Community:  Alright, cute girls!!  I’ve stewed about what to do for your                          costumes, and my genius Mom suggested we let you guys raid your closets, your                                     Mom’s closets, your GRANDMA’S closets, your neighbor’s closets (you get the                              picture) and see what you can find!  Look online at “50’s style dresses for                                       women”  --not teens.  Study the styles and try to find something that could fit                               the time period.  Dresses with a nice belted-waist are very appropriate.  Have                              fun seeing what  you can find.  They need to be modest  (no cleavage or short                          skirts) and not too flashy/colorful.  You need to have nude tights, a slip, and a                                     nice shoe that goes with the dress.  Wear what you find to costume check on                                March 5. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. If you’re stuck, visit with                                Mrs. Crane after rehearsal.

EVERYBODY ELSE:  Go with the information on the previous note. Thanks so much.

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