Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Step-By-Step Guide to total awesomeness in Auditioning (a.k.a. "How to Get in to the BEMS school musical")

Step 1:   Sign up for an audition Time Slot.  (Hold your horses on this one.  Stop by Room 1 any time starting Weds. November 18 to sign up. But don't forget, or you won't have a spot! YES. You can sign up for a spot with your friends. It's more fun that way, Silly) 

Step 2:  Fill out your online Audition Application by following this link.

Step 3:  Make sure you know the audition song/dance "We're All in this Together" learned at the BUZZ time clinics. If you were unable to attend the clinics or just want a refresher, you can study the audition dance/song here:
ANYONE who wants to be in the show has to know this song and dance. 

Step 4:  Decide!! Do you want to be considered for a leading role? 
No?  You're done. Just be sure and actually show up for your audition on December 1 or 2. 
Yes?  Ok. Cool. Read On. 
Now, are you a strong, solo singer?  
Not a strong singer, but I'm still awesome.  
(or if you just like the parts below...)
Then you should audition for Jack Scott, Coach Bolton, or Ms. Darbus. Learn the lines for the character you're most interested in, and be prepared to perform them at the audition:

JACK:  Hey Wildcats, it's request time again, and this one goes out from Vice Principal Vinnie Ichikawa to the person who took the air out of his tires...(Coach Bolton enters and hands Jack a note) Sorry, folks....seems we have another request that goes something like this, "Troy Bolton, get your butt to basketball practice on the double or you are grounded for a week!"  Whoa. Later, Peeps!

COACH BOLTON:  Where's my team, Darbus?! And what the heck are they doing in here?!   (to Darbus) May we have a word? (to Troy and Chad) You two, into the gym, right now. Darbus, we are days away from the biggest game of the year.  Chad and Troy are my two star players--you can't have them acting like idiots when they should be at practice!

Ms. DARBUS:  (leading a theatre imagination game exercise) Lovely work, all of you. James, I had no idea an earthworm could have such depth, such pain.  Now, gather in a circle for our last little exposure to the magic that is theatre. This is called the Ball of Noise.  The idea is to pass around an invisible ball, while making some kind of sound to go with it. Once passed to the next person, the ball can land in any part of the body. You are limited only by your imaginations. I'll start! (Be creative with the "ball" for a moment!)

I have EPIC PIANO and ACTING skills (and I'm a girl):  
You should audition for Kelsi. I'm assuming we don't have that many epic piano players...but if you consider yourself to be one, please see Mrs. Crane in her room for the sheet music you need to learn for the audition. Listen to the track for tempo questions. At the audition, Mr. Forsgren and Mrs. Crane will sing the parts of Troy and Gabriella, and you must be able to play while we sing, plus say your lines. This is probably the hardest role in the show. Just sayin.'

YES! I'm a strong singer!
Wonderful!  Pick a lead to audition for.
If you are interested in Chad, Taylor, Zeke, Martha, or Kratnoff, your "lead" audition is easy-peasy.  After singing "We're all in this together" with the group of 5, you will step forward and do it by yourself!  That's it!

Tips to stand out from the crowd:  Energy! A big smile!  Looking like you're having fun!  Singing on pitch! Being fearless on the "freestyle" portion of the audition!

Troy Bolton Audition
Audition sheet music:
Practice with Mrs. Crane:
Gabriella Montez Audition
Audition sheet music:
Practice with Mrs. Crane:

Ryan Evans Audition
Audition Sheet Music:
Practice with Mrs. Crane:

Sharpay Evans Audition
Audition Sheet Music:
Practice with Mrs. Crane:

This should be enough information to get you ready for your audition.  See you on December 1st or 2nd.

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  1. Are there lines that you have to memorize for auditions this year?