Thursday, September 29, 2016

Barbershop Quartet Audition

Audition Date: Oct. 10 --sign up outside of Mrs. Crane's room!
The singers in the barbershop quartet have to been 100% confident holding their note perfectly while 3 other singers harmonize with them. They have to have excellent pitch, and tons of personality! They are humorous, and TALENTED.

For this audition, select ONE line/part of music to have memorized:
Jacey is the high tenor, Ewart is the lead/tenor, Oliver is the baritone, Olin is the low bass. Select the part that you feel best matches  your vocal abilities. Practice and memorize your line so that you can confidently sing it! Then at the audition, you will sing with 2-3 other voices to demonstrate your ability to harmonize.

Click on this link to see the music!

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