Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Audition Results, Round 1

Music Man Auditions Round 1
Harold Hill:      “River” cast—Marshall Parrish
“City” cast—Lance Smith
Barbershop Quartet:
Bass—Dallin Smith
Baritone—Copper Hartman
2nd Tenor—Carter Ellis
1st Tenor—Calvin Crane
·       Based upon their excellent auditions, the following individuals get to perform in the difficult opening number “Rock Island” as traveling salesmen. (Check it out online—it’s the epic “train” song about 2 minutes into “Rock Island.”) These boys will be used elsewhere in the show as well.  We also hope these individuals will come back and audition on Nov. 7-8 for the other male leads:

Jett Johnson, Logan Castillo, Emmett Huff, Ben Jessop, Jeremy Shipp, Tyler Bingham, Carter Rose, James Bunnell, Tanner Swapp

 THE SHOW. Well done!

NOTE:  We had a fantastic callback for our barbershop quartet. Final decisions were based upon who could stay true to their pitch while singing with 3 other parts. After narrowing that down and having students of equal ability, we looked at Grades and Citizenship. Please remember that we can’t cast anyone with F’s and U’s, and N’s will have to have teacher approval.  Work hard to get your grades/citizenship improved. We NEED YOU in “The Music Man!”

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