Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Well done. You were fabulous, and we can't wait to make an amazing show with you!

The following students are needed for callbacks.  Please read below for all the important callback information.
**Please read carefully. You might be listed under a part for which you didn't audition.

Marion Paroo:
Rachel Butts, Madaline Ludwig, Kiersten Langford, Sydnie Zundel, Allie White, Mickayla Labrum, Valerie Lott, Emily Benson

Mrs. Paroo:
Kiersten Langford, Heather Karren, Blair Bennion, Sarah Peck, Kiara Young

Mayor Shinn:
Tyler Bott, Tyson Lesser, Keaton Godfrey, Ben Jessop

Charlie Cowell:
Colby Jensen, Tyler Bingham, Andrew Grunander, Jeremy Shipp

Carter Johnson, Jett Johnson, Tyler Bingham, Jackson Gibbons,

Tommy Djilas:
Sam Merrill, Dylan Smith, Jarik Young, Jarett Stander, Spencer Cronin, Logan Castillo,

Zaneeta Shinn:
Shaila Jensen, Abby Haws, Katie Simpson, Leia Isaacson, Maddie Cannon, Jisela Hernandez, Teagan Barber, Madi Taylor

Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn:
Aleda Boyce, Amalia Sepulveda, Rebecca Thornley, Brooke Dewberry, Olivia Griesbach, Esther Dutson, Maren Powell, Halle Robinson

PLEASE ARRIVE READY TO PERFORM AT THE FOLLOWING TIMES, this Thursday, Novemmber 10th:  (All callbacks will be held in the Choir Room. )
Tommy/Zaneeta    3:00 pm
Mayor Shinn         3:30 pm
Marcellus              3:40 pm
Eulalie                   3:50 pm
Marian                   4:10 pm
Charlie                   4:30 pm
Mrs. Paroo             4:45 pm

Tommy/Zaneeta:    Zaneeta, you will be performing the same lines  you did at your audition.  You will be interacting with a "Tommy" callback. We are looking for a Zaneeta that has tons of personality, knows how to flirt, and has killer dance skills.  Tommy, you will be performing the same lines from the original audition as well (see audition post!)with a "Zaneeta" callback.   Tommy is youthful, has a JEELY KLY that is very memorable, and a strong presence on stage.

Mayor:   Repeat the same lines from the audition. We are holding a Mayor Shinn callback in the hopes that we will see MORE from you. The lines you are saying are at a point when the mayor is very flustered. Tommy just set off firecrackers and interrupted his wife's speech! We should see you getting more and more angry--but in a humorous way-- as the scene progresses. Make sure you say the lines correctly : )

Marcellus:  Repeat the same song/lines from the original audition.  We are holding a callback for Marcellus hoping to see you PERFORM.  Show us tons of personality on Shipoopi!

Eulalie:   Repeat the same lines/song from the original audition.  Also learn the new lines below.  You girls are going to be the hardest part to cast because you seriously all made me giggleat the audition. You were so good! So remember, Eulalie is elegant, graceful, snooty, and HILARIOUS. Bring your style, and your "funny."
New lines for Eulalie:  (Eulalie comes out with the Pick a Little Ladies and leads them in a "native American" performance--all decked out in traditional attire and taking themselves very seriously...) I will now count to ten in the Indian tongue! Een teen tuther feather fip! (Tommy Djilas sets off a firecracker and Eulalie thinks she's been shot. Swoons) I'm shot, George! Who shot me?

Marian:   Congrats on having a fabulous Marian audition. We will have you sing "My White Knight" one more time. This isn't my favorite song for Marian, but it's her hardest song to sell to the audience. Help the judges love this song by singing with a warm, open tone and sweet dreaminess! Please also learn the lines below. You will be reading with our real, actual Harolds. We will be looking for you to connect with him and have chemistry together. This a sweet, romantic scene--don't actually kiss! But make us believe you COULD kiss him ;-) I know the images are slightly blurry, but they are legible, so just do your best...like I did getting these on here after staying up until 1 am to see who the new President is...

Charlie: Repeat your same lines. You will be interacting with girls your age this time, so we really want you to get into your acting and seem believable as a determined, slightly creepy salesman. Be realistic and have that part memorized PERFECTLY.

Mrs. Paroo:   You will be repeating the same lines/song from the original audition.  We are calling back for this part because we are hoping to find someone(s) with a BIGGER, crisper, Irish voice. We believe you can do it! Be fearless in speaking out. Mrs. Paroo is NOT shy...she is the opposite. And she REALLY wants Marian to get married. Think about how that affects her lines. The part you have to sing is really difficult--and we did that on purpose! We need to see who can dig in and have a huge voice on a song that is super fast and sassy. She's telling her daughter she's worried she'll never marry.

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