Saturday, February 11, 2017

Music Man Calendar Updates

Please follow the original calendar as marked for Feb 13-17, with one exception:
The only addition is the rehearsal we told our Dance Core about last week. FEB 16th is the addition of  Dance Core REVIEW day.  Our choreographer has SKILLS, and you guys look amazing, but you're doing hard stuff. Please be there if at all possible!! We will also run the CORE ending scenes as originally planned.

Feb 20th-24th:
Feb 20th  No school/No rehearsal
Feb 21st    Core, Dance Core Act 2
Feb 23rd    All Vocal Soloists in choir room (anyone with a solo!!) and Dance Core on stage until                         5:30 pm. SNACKS WILL BE PROVIDED! Yummy!
Feb 24th   Entire Cast until 5:30 SNACKS PROVIDED!

The show has come along wonderfully, and as Mr. Mecham said in his email to all of you and your parents, let's work hard and finish strong. We appreciate Mr. Forsgren's contributions to our show so far, and wish him well in his future endeavors. We've got this! I believe in you and think you're amazing students and people.

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