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Costume INFO (same as the note you received)

Bye Bye Birdie Costume List
***This list isn’t perfect and may need to be added to or adjusted! I am putting out the costume list now because the online-ordered dresses will take 6 weeks to be delivered. Please order online ASAP!!! I don’t want any sad girls without their costumes.  The website we are using has been used successfully for BEHS’ Productions Co., so I feel fairly confident we should be OK using them. If you are not comfortable ordering a dress online, you need to find or sew as exact a match as possible. (with the exception of Penn Station and Kim & Co—uniformity is important to these groups)  The website is
***Anyone who has someone to sew for them that would rather SEW than buy, look at the dress options online and then create something very similar.  IF YOU CAN’T FIND YOUR SIZE, again, find something online or sew something as similar as possible (with the exception of Penn Station and Kim & Co—uniformity is important to these groups)
***If you sew your own dress, remember, no bare shoulders or cleavage, and NO black, red, white or royal blue dresses. Those colors are for Rosie and Kim. Thanks!!
***We are choosing reasonably priced costumes and allowing you almost 2 months to provide them. If you are concerned about the costs involved, please email Mrs. Crane. No student will be denied the opportunity to perform based on financial need.
ALBERT: Well-fitting dark suit, 2 shirts, 2 Red ties, dark socks, well-polished dark shoes. (not baggy pants, please---     but not creepy-tight! Google 50’s men’s suits to see what I’m talking about!)
ROSIE:    4 black/red/white outfits (dresses, pencil skirts, capris with heels and a blouse…etc) Black/red heels/flats
CONRAD:  Mrs. Crane’s Mom is vacationing, but when she returns next week, we will take your measurements and   begin sewing some Birdie costumes!!  (By “we”…I mean, MY MOM will!) If  you could find or borrow a              sweet, black leather jacket (for “A lot of Livin’) and get dark socks and shiny black dress shoes that’d be            fantastic.
KIM:       3 or 4 Royal Blue Dresses (She needs a dress specifically for One Boy that coordinates with Kim & Co. It is                    # r-1000-13 on She also needs a “fancy” dress for the Ed Sullivan show. We like r-1014-9 in           blue on  The other two dresses we like are r-1190-4 and the 50’s Hetty Polka Dot Collar              Dress Blue).  Nude tights and nude pumps.
MRS. MACAFEE:  Needs a “house” dress, and an “about town” dress for the community scenes and Ed Sullivan.                           Use numbers 2251, 2252 as design inspiration. Please use floral or other                                                              appropriate patterns if at all possible. ROYAL BLUE is the MacAfee family color, so look for blues.                             Can have more dresses if you are having fun sewing, but needs only 2.  Thanks! Nude tights and black            pumps. I will be looking for a hat.
MR. MACAFEE:  Dark, well-fitting dress pants (not baggy, please---but not creepy-tight!  Google 50’s men’s suits to     see what I’m talking about!) 2 button down the front shirts and 1-2 cardigans.  2 ties that have                                             ROYAL BLUE in them.  Dark socks and well-polished dark dress shoes.
HUGO PEABODY: Well-fitted dark dress pants, dark socks and shoes.  Hugo needs a couple of button down  the                         front shirts. I would love to see him have a couple of V-neck argyle sweaters to go over the top.  Kim     wears royal blue, so ideally he’ll complement that.  No white shirt!
HARVEY JOHNSON: You need what all the teen boys need, except please also get a BOWTIE. 
MAE PETERSON:   I have the fur coat—black or brown…you choose!  We need to decide if we should put you in a      nice, matronly 50’s dress, or like a Grandma’s House dress.  Do we want boots or saggy nylons and    pumps?  I think we can just spray your hair gray and then roll it up in old-fashioned pins.  Hat??  She acts             so picked on, I think 1 dress would be enough. If you want a change, Karlee, you can have 2! Ask your genius parents their opinion and then get  back to me! ; )
REPORTERS:  Dark pants, short-sleeved white shirts, dark  ties, dark socks and dark shoes.  Ask all of your friends        and relations if they have a fedora (hat) you can borrow. Let me know ASAP if you find one.
GLORIA RASPUTIN:  Tight-fitting capris with a bold-print blouse, high heels (go as high as you dare, but remember                     you have to dance) Curly blonde wig
MAYOR:  Dark, well-fitted suit and tie. Dark shoes and socks. I will see about getting a hat—if we decide to have                            you wear one.
Sweet Apple Community MEN/Men who sing ‘KIDS’:  Button down the front shirt (NOT WHITE!), tie, dark pants,        dark socks, dark shoes.  You can wear a cardigan or sweater vest too to add to your manliness!  Your hair                has to be well-trimmed—no bushy hair or mullets.  This was the 50’s people. If you have a “wife” it would                be awesome if you asked her what color her dress is and then get a tie to match.  So awesome. Yeah.
Sweet Apple Community WOMEN/Women who sing ‘KIDS’: You need to go to  as soon as possible and order one of the following dresses (or have someone who loves you sew one that’s VERY similar!)  1090-1 cherry     1090-3 cherry      R1142 floral          YWY 8663-2   r1104-2         You will need nude nylons and black pumps as well.   I will see about getting hats for some of you. If you know someone with an awesome 50’s-style hat, borrow it!!
Teen Boys:  Dark dress pants (not too baggy, please!), dark socks and shoes. Button down the front shirt. It can be long, or short-sleeved.  KIM & Co. “boyfriends”—it would be awesome if you would check the list below and find a shirt that matches your “girlfriend.” It was the 50’s. Matching  your sweetie was cool.  NO WHITE SHIRTS!!!! Well-trimmed hair.  No bushy hair or mullets!
Teen Girls (that are NOT in Penn Station transition or Kim & Co):  You need a nice, thick white top. It can be plain, like a nice Tshirt, or it can be fitted, like a button-down. We will be taking your measurements and sewing darling polka dot skirts and scarves for you! IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE THAT LIKES TO SEW THAT LIVES WITH YOU, PLEASE HAVE THEM CONTACT MRS. CRANE! (I’ll even put their name in the program…..ooooooo) You also need white bobby socks and white keds.
Penn Station Girls:  You are a special grouo and we want matching yellow polka dot dresses. You can wear this dress for the entire show, or you can get measured for a skirt and have a change of clothes. Your choice.  You need to go to  ASAP!!! These take 6 weeks to get here!  The dress you need to order is r1000-14  It is yellow and polka dotted and absolutely darling—like you! You need white bobby socks and white keds.  Optional—you can purchase a petticoat/style slip to make your dress more poofy.  Let me know if you have any difficulty with getting this dress.
ED SULLIVAN/ TEEN CHORUS:  Plan on your regular costume—we might throw choir robes on you for “Hymn for a                                                                   Sunday Evening” but your regular costume is fine for the Ed Sullivan Show.
KIM & CO. (Kim see your notes above): We want ONE BOY to be super-dreamy, so the dresses you wear for the show are all the same pattern. We are using 3 colors: light blue, pink and green.  You have been assigned a color. If you’re not happy with what you got, TRADE someone.  We assigned this so it would be balanced on stage. You need nude tights and nude pumps as well, and (OPTIONAL) you could get a petticoat-style slip to make your dress more poofy. You may also get a white (or other solid color) cardigan to put over your dress when you’re not doing ONE BOY. Order your dresses ASAP at
PINK (r1000-17): Amelia Naumann, Morgan Taylor, Alli Hollingsworth, Abby Chase     GREEN (r1000-15): Kallie Bair, Savanna Crane, Savannah Taylor, Karen Ferry     BLUE(r1000-16): Emma Ashcroft, Lexi Sutton, Sarah Dinsdale, Ally Braegger
**Ally Braegger—you might need 2 dresses so you have something else for the Penn Station scene…Look at –don’t do black, white, red, or royal blue—and remember the other girls are in yellow, so ?? See what you can come up with if you want a different outfit for that scene. Or  you could just throw a sweater over the dress.

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