Thursday, January 15, 2015

What SCENES am I in?

What scenes are you in????
Read this list and mark your do. it. Seriously. Don’t go ask Mrs. Crane-just look at your calendar!!

Scene 1: Albert and Rosie
Scene 2: Sweet Apple teens (Telephone hour)
Scene 3: Ursula, Kim, and MacAfees
Scene 5: Albert, Rose, Hugo, and Kim & co. and their “boyfriends”
Scene 7: Kim, The MacAfees, Mrs. Merkle, Conrad, Albert, Edna, Ursula, Alice, Nancy, Helen, Margie, Susan, Ed Sullivan Chorus
Scene 8: Rose, Albert, Mae, Gloria, and Hugo
Scene 9: Conrad, One Last Kiss Teen Chorus, Hugo, Albert, Rose, The MacAfees
Scene 10: Rose and Kim
Scene 11: EVERYONE
Scene 12: Hugo, Rose, Albert, Mae, Mr. and Mrs. MacAfee
Scene 13: Kim, Conrad, Mr. and Mrs. Macafee, Hugo, Rose, Albert, Mae
Scene 14: EVERYONE
   Please come when you’re needed.
Take this list and compare it to your blue calendar--highlight when you are supposed to come, then come on those days.

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