Monday, March 6, 2017 mistake!

Sooooo, I finally figured out why so many people are confused. I thought I had the entire cast coming for Tech Rehearsal on Friday, but I DON'T!  DUH! My bad.

So here's some clarification and NEW announcements;
Ensemble, young kids and Dance Core: pics on Thursday Mar 9 at rehearsal
Leads and Core: pics on Friday Mar 10 at Tech rehearsal (ONLY CORE needs to come!)

The following week the time listed on the calendar is when I HOPE to be finished. I realize we are dealing with non-driver students, so I will do my very best to have us done at 6, but please please please be patient and realize that we all have the same ultimate goal:  Let these kids SHINE on stage and tell a wonderful story.

We will start right after school each day.
Email me at for further clarification, and NO, you can't just miss anymore. You will be cut from your numbers if you don't ask someone from the other cast to stand in for you.
It's now or never people!

TIP: Bring all your personal costume pieces in a laundry basket--not wadded up!

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