Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What Time to ARRIVE for the shows:

4:00 pm        Marian, Eulalie, Mrs. Paroo, Zaneeta
--We have hairstylists coming to do your hair. Please have it washed and clean, ready to be styled.
4:30 pm        Anyone else with a mic except Winthrop and Amaryllis
5:00 pm        All other cast members except children
5:30 pm        Children arrive
6:00 pm        Mic check and cast call in the auditorium.
6:30 pm        Doors open
7:00 pm        SHOW BEGINS!

***Girls need mascara, blush and a red or pink (not hot pink) lip. I have some lipstick you can apply with a qtip if you don’t have any. If you struggle with hair, we have hair stylists coming to assist. PLEASE stop styling your hair in modern styles with a French braid going down the side. We are in 1912, ladies!

***Boys need hair slicked down and sprayed so it stays. 

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