Sunday, November 2, 2014

Girl's Audition info

All girls will be required to audition in groups of 5 with the following song. Those who would like to audition for a lead will be given the opportunity after singing with their group.  Remember, piano accompaniment will be used at auditions, so be sure and practice with the video on the blog.

Albert’s secretary. Principal Singer and Lead female. Rose is confident, smart, and definitely crazy about Albert—though she’s fed up with him being a “Momma’s Boy!” Big voice with a lower vocal range. Dancing skills a big plus.
Lines/Song to Memorize
       “You’re 33 years old, Albert. You can take a whole aspirin. My mind is made up. I’ve been with “Al-Mae-Lou” for 8 years now and for what? A five-dollar raise in 1954? I want something more than that! Will you listen to me, Albert…I’m serious!”

Kim MacAfee
15 years old, very pretty and self-possessed. She just got pinned to Hugo Peabody (they’re going steady). Young woman selected to be kissed by huge American celebrity, Conrad Birdie, before he goes to the army.
Lines/Song to be memorized

“That’s just it, Hugo, I’m your steady! Oh, I may admire Conrad Birdie as one admires a far-distant and unattainable idea. But I’m pinned to you, Hugo, and I don’t care how common and ordinary you are, that’s how I’m going to stay! –You were silly to worry, Hugo. Conrad Birdie may be a great public figure but he doesn’t make me feel all dizzy and faint when I think of him. Only my steady does that. Why, even when I say his name I don’t feel a thing. Listen. Conrad Birdie! Conrad Birdie. (And it hits her.  Huskily:) Conrad Birdie…(she wavers as if beginning to faint)

Mrs. MacAfee
Mother of Kim. Patient and matronly. Adores her husband and children. Flustered by Kim’s new “grown up” attitude!  Admires Conrad Birdie, like all other woman in Sweet Apple.
Lines/Song to memorize
(someone will read Kim’s lines for you. Be prepared with Mrs. MacAfee’s lines.)

Kim’s best friend. CRAZY about Conrad Birdie. Tons of personality and a great screamer; doesn’t have to sing alone.
Memorize the following Lines
Conrad Birdie, welcome to Sweet Apple! Now before I escort  you to the Town Hall where the Mayor himself is waiting, I would like to introduce to you the girl upon whom you have chosen to bestow you final kiss upon (the bad grammar is intentional!!)…and who will now join us in reciting the Conrad Birdie pledge! Kim MacAfee! (puts hand over heart) I, Ursula Merkle, being of sound mind and body do hereby promise to be loyal, courteous, steadfast and true, to Conrad Birdie and the United States of America—both indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! (Screams!!!)

Mae Petersen
Albert’s mother. Oh, man. She has to be hilarious. Every line has to be said as though she’s the most picked-on woman, trodden down by her heartless son—when in reality, she just wants to keep Albert under her thumb.
Please memorize the following lines (just the big line in the middle):

Those desiring lead roles should select one of these characters to portray at auditions. Select a role that will allow you to dig in to the character and have lots of fun. At call backs, we will audition for roles not seen above. 

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